Providence Salumu

Welcome to the personal home page of Providence Salumu, a passionate Dad, Haskeller and a Mad Scientist. I’ve worked for a handful of financial companies, hence I specialize mostly in FinTech industries.

Who am I

We The North ! I’am a Canadian Software Engineer, living in the great North in a small city in the Great Montreal Area (Quebec). I love this country and his people, we’re simply the best!

I’m blessed to be married to a wonderful Queen, Nelly Arakaza. We met when we were in University, we all were quite young back then. A little immature as well. Things have changed since then, as I’ve grown a few wrinkles here and there. She isn’t showing up any sign of age, yet. Her look seems to be cast into a stone, one that time and age don’t seem affect at all. In a sense, I’m a mere mortal, and she’s not.

We are the lucky parents of a gorgeous little angel, Kayla. She’s funny, lovely and skillful. When all stars are aligned, she surprises her mom with her favority home-made chocolate cake. She loves her mom, who is always at the end of her uncountable kisses. I, on the opposite, although I feel that love to too, am usually on the end of free kicks and laughters. We all call her little chocolate cupcake! Together, the two are the loves of my life.

As a curious visitor, none of the above is truly what brought you up here. Scroll down below and continue your visit. Have a wonderful time.